Yuuko Konagai

Born in Numazu, Japan, Yuuko moved to British Columbia to attend school as an international student, at the age of fifteen. After many years in Canada, she returned to Japan. Now, she is based in Tokyo.
Yuuko’s unique visual style is influenced by her Japanese origin, and the fifteen years she has spent in Canada. Hers is an unmistakably sensual voice, and the references to music, film and visual art in her images make them simultaneously ethereal and contemporary.
Yuuko’s first artistic inspirations came from painting, film and music. These muses drew her to fine art photography at an early age. Her formal training in Toronto and later extensive commercial experience, give her the combination of a strong visual style and requisite technical skill. The results can be seen in her arresting commercial and fine art photography.

日本で生まれたこと、そしてカナダで15年という時間を生きたこと ― ビジュアルに対する小長井ゆう子のユニークなアプローチは、これらを抜きには語れないだろう。彼女の作品には、紛れもない肉体的感覚の訴えがある。それを象る音楽、映画、視覚芸術との親密性。小長井ゆう子が表現するものは、すべてが優美で、すべてが「現在」である。